Company Description

Ave Bennu was a mythological bird of ancient Egypt that represented creation and rejuvenation.

Avebennu is a business initiative that inspires the rebirth. Created in 2017 by five professionals from the  world of design, Avebennu has a focus on offering new life to luxurious ítems.

Garments, accessories, complimentary ítems and jewellery  that were once forgotten in our wardrobes, are given new life.  After a strict control process to guarantee that their status and characteristics correspond to what appears on the web, these ítems can be purchased with a promise that if they don´t match their advertised description, nor quality, a full refund will be given.

Any further information required about an advertised item can be obtained by emailing us at All enquiries will be responded to within a máximum of 48 hours.